Buy / Sell a Car

No matter where you are in this world, you can sell with us to your locals. This site was set up with the people struggling to make a living in mind.

Our aim is to make it easy and cheap for those who want to sell cars whether a secondhand car dealer business, a car-wrecker business or personal.

With the world of online e-commerce attacking us from everywhere the competition is also hot and the race to make a profit from sellers is faster than ever.

Here we want something different for sellers. We want to give sellers a more affordable place to make a living to help subsidies their day-to-day living cost, to look after their family needs and to grow their business for a better future for themselves and their families.

Our main aim why this site was set up for at the first place, was to help people improve their lives without the need for a loan form the banks which not only is almost impossible for the people this site was set up for, but will also save society and citizens from falling deeper in the profit hole of the big corporate world.

When you join us and sell with us you are not just a seller but a member of eopshop family, your view and ideas are important to us.

Our fees are simple and easy it would be dishonest to offer anything free then put fees later. To run a website has its cost of domain every year, hosting, administration and IT engineers to look after the site. We try to squeeze everything within the fees we have set up.

We really hope we will never raise the fees of this site.

We want you to take part in putting in your opinion on how can we improve this site for all sellers and your customers without raising fees in the future.