Products safety / condition

Please check your country regulations before you sell on the site

For the safety of others we would like all our vendors to pay attention to the following it is vital for your own safety as a vendor as well, the information provided could help protect you from any law suits against you.

We are determine to make this site safe and trust worthy for all users.


 Electrical goods

  1. Under the Electricity Act 1992 and its regulations, electrical appliances for sale must be safe. This law applies to every way of selling an electrical appliance, even your neighbour’s garage sale.  All electronics must be fully tested and in good working order for the purpose it was made for,  pay attention to the cords you  must check  for any exposed or wear out wires before you list it on the site. 
  2. If an item is not working, you must mention it clearly on the description and give a short history of the item and listed under need repair category

Broken furnitures etc, 

  1. when selling a broken item make it clear you know it can be fixed or you are not sure or you know it can not be fixed.
  2. All baby gears that are use for transporting babies and young children must be checked, and again must mention what is wrong with it or what need to be fixed.
  3. All broken items or items that need repair work must be listed under need repair category. We withhold the right to delete broken items not listed under need repair category.
  4. All furniture that  need a washed must have sufficient photos to show the extend of the dirt and the work needed to bring it up to a useable acceptable condition. 


  1. No used lipsticks allowed on the site
  2. No out of date lotions, makeup etc, are allowed on the site
  3. All shampoos, body washes, shaving gels, etc must be within used period of time while on the site. 
  4. No used shavers  allowed on the site


  1. No used underwear  allowed on the site
  2. All bras must be washed before selling on the site.
  3. All lints on clothes must be mentioned and photos provided together with some rough estimation  of how much lint is on the item. 
  4. Missing buttons, tears, marks, broken zippers, holes, discolouration, fades, etc. must be mention on item description.
  5. All wear on children clothes especially knee of pants must be mention and photos must be provided. 
  6. No dresses, tops, shirts with brown or white armpits allowed on the site
  7. Pay attention to colors if they have marks and discolouration this need to be in your item description 
  8. No filthy socks or socks with holes allowed on the site


  1. No shoes with damaged hills allowed on the site
  2. All high heels must be safe and not wobble 
  3. No shoes with no grip allowed on the site
  4. All shoes must have acceptable grip on the sole and photos to help buyer to make purchase decisions must be provided. 
  5. No shoes with holes allowed on the site
  6. No dirty filthy shoes allowed on the site
  7. No smelly shoes allowed on the site

FOOD AND BAKERY: Check your country regulations before you sell on the site.

  1. All food and bakery must be made to order to ensure the freshness of the food or bakery for sale.
  2. No food or bakery should be made before sale
  3. You must check with your city council and health authorities if you are eligible to sell from home. While some Western countries allowed selling of home made food and bakery sellers are suppose to check first the facility at home is up to standard for food preparation for health safety.
  4. Sellers from New Zealand must check first for regulations before they are allowed to sell online.
  5. You must take in consideration others safety, laws and regulations in your country  before selling on the site


  1.  All traders must mention on their profile they are traders.
  2. All cars must have clear descriptions with a list of –
  • issues that need attention if  apply
  • warranty
  • registration
  • The latest warranty list of things the car need repair before it is legal to go on the road.



Flowers, fruits, and vegetables are suppose to be from you very own garden or farm.

  1. You must make very clear the condition of the items involved whether or not they are fresh from your garden or not
  2. All flowers must be fresh they must be cut just before they are picked up
  3. All vegetables must be fresh they must be picked just before picked up
  4. All fruits must be fresh and must be picked just before buyer pick them up unless they are extras you want to get them to someone before they go to waste


  1. Lost and found animals must be reported to SPCA they are not allowed on the site
  2. Make sure to mention any health issues the animal might have if known.
  3. Provide a little history of the animal vet visits to help buyer make the right choice and prepare the animal needs for the animal prior to purchase to better care for the animal.
  4. Check your country regulations