Join The Green Planet Family. We are not the N01, nor are we the world most…. But we are the World First Ever Second-hand Marketplace, and the first created with you and the environment in mind.

We won’t argue with you about NZ, a tiny country the size of a pea compared to the big world you all are familiar with. And we definitely won’t argue with you about our cast away location. However, we can tell you, NZ is an environmentally friendly little treasure. We are very conscious of the environment, tourist from the big world get surprised to find NZ clean :). Power is a little pricy in NZ, but that is understandable, because NZ doesn’t have nuclear power, so, we rather shoulder the price of power that comes clean than a cheap nuclear generated, that might blow up in our faces someday as we have seen in other parts of the world. Human and the environment always come first in this little pea dot size island 

Here we are extending our clean habits to the rest of the world to try it. Who knows, you people from the big toxic world might like it too.

Reduce your country’s use of landfill, recycle mindfully, don’t litter and, off course, Sell anything secondhand/pre-owned to your neighbours, someone might be desperate for a part of a vacuum, blender, or even a car part, you can save them money by selling that piece they need for much less than brand new, you earn few cents or dollars to buy salt or flour, with the bonus of a green planet.

That’s not all what Green Planet can offer. Self-sufficiency is one of our mission here, to encourage people to be self-sufficient. We believe this human power to generate their own income and to feed themself healthy from the soil is dying out faster than a blink of an eye. So Green Planet wants to encourage you all to reclaim this power, and a superb skill that has made human able to survive for thousands of years. We can eliminate poverty with self-sufficiency.

Here at Green Planet we encourage you to grow vegetables and fruits behind your homes, make a flower garden, then sell them here on Green Planet.

We believe there is so much and more we can all do to feed ourselves, to get ourselves out of financial difficulties and starvation, to raise our standard of life and to move out of the poverty zone that has long been crippling the world.

You can also bake at home or cook at home then sell them here with green planet. There is so much possibility you can use Green Planet to improve your life and the environment.

If you can sew, that’s great, you can make clothes or anything you think people in your country will love and use, sell them with Green Planet.

Anything home made, handmade, you can sell them here on Green Planet.

Home made, handmade, home cooked and baked, home-grown, you can sell all that to your locals from anywhere in the world with Green Planet. Turn your unwanted clutter and your skills into cash.

Those car parts you don’t need anymore can bring you that $1 that you need to make up your bus fare when you sell it with us.

All the extra stuff creating chaos in your home can make you a few dollars to pay for your grocery and save you the embarrassment when your card declined at the cashier. It happens to everyone, but we don’t want anyone to know our card has nothing in it.

Those shoes collecting dust in your garage or closet, they can get you some few dollars to pay for your petrol when your wallet is empty and you need to use the car.

Kids may grow out of their clothes but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to buy more, instead of throwing them away sell them with Green Planet to get the cash for new clothes for the kids and better still buy from our vendors and save even more.

Be that smart person who throws nothing away that might turn into a dollar that’ll give you a stress relief and save our environment.

And when you buy from our sellers, you save money; you get what you need for much less, while saving our environment at the same time.

You have baking skills and people love your cooking? Why not turn that into a business without a loan from the banks with high interest made to kill your dream business before it even takes off.

Open your store with us, bake and cook away for a better financially independent future.

You love gardening? way to go, put your passion to work, plant vegetables in your backyard and sell them with right here at Green Planet, beat the prices of the supermarkets and gain customers, grow your bank account right from your backyard. No strict times to meet, lunch when you want, visit a friend anytime you want, take a day off from the garden when you want. There is no one to answer to, and best of all, it can motivate you to work hard, knowing you’re working for yourself, knowing you get all 100% of the profit. 

You love fresh flowers, but they are expensive. You can have lunch with the price of one bouquet. Take advantage of the opportunity we have here for you and grow your own flowers, sell them to your friends get buyers who love flowers to buy from your store, grow your customers’ database and be a successful florist right from the comfort of your garden.

Remember, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can sell to your locals with us. Set up your store “absolutely free” and let your locals knows about it, spread the news around, support your communities by selling and buying from each other, save the planet and landfills while you grow your wealth.

Share your listing on social media. We will also help you with spreading the news about your listings. We have social media accounts to share every listing once it goes live, done all by us.

No listing fees, we only take a tiny commission of 3.5% of complete sales (the cheapest marketplace you will ever come across) to keep this place going for you, no sale, no pay and no end date for your listings. Save your precious time to build your store, we get rid of listings expiry dates. 

We love creative people with independent thinking.

Come on now and join the Green Planet. We are waiting for you to join the force. It would delight us to see you thrive and we’re looking forward to hearing some success stories on this platform.

Save money, make money and save the environment and landfills when you buy and sell with Green Planet.

Just one thing we want from you:

  1. Use recycling materials to make your home-made goods. (when ever Possible)
  2. We strictly forbidden trading of brand new items from stores on Green Planet.
  3. Green Planet is an environmentally minded platform