The World’s First Ever Second-hand Marketplace

Please read on and get inspired to move forward to improve your life and your family’s life just by selling with us, see why you should join our mission and start selling today.

Sell anything secondhand, home-grown, home-made and handmade to your locals from anywhere in the world. Turn your unwanted clutter and your skills into cash.

Money is energy!!!

Don’t sit in poverty depressed and hopeless. There is something for everyone on this planet and this marketplace is for all who want to change their lives for those who have the skills but too many red tapes and bank cash machines are only open for the ones already ahead of the rest to take out loans.

Be a role model and an inspiration for your children and the future generations, build something together get the family to work as a team and free yourselves from the corporate consumer world that is dragging all the hard-working people and their families down.

Time to teach our children the value of money, when something doesn’t fit pass it on or list it here let them see what they can make from all the things they use to throw away.

Let them buy from other sellers here and see how much they save compare to if they buy it new. Sure they are not new, but it will do the job and best of all the child gets to save the rest of the money for a house, education or even to start a business if they have a great idea because the bank don’t want a great idea if you are not from the upper class no matter how smart you are.

Those car parts you don’t need anymore can bring you that $1 that you need to make up the price of bread or milk, there is always something at some point that needs a dollar that you throw away.

All the extra stuff creating chaos in your home can make you a few bucks to pay for your grocery help with the rent or mortgage help with your power bills etc,

Those shoes collecting dust in your garage or closet can get you some few dollars to pay for your petrol or put in your saving account

Kids may grow out of their clothes but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to buy more, instead of throwing them away sell them with us to get the cash for new clothes for the kids and better still buy from our vendors and save even more.

Be that smart brain that never throws anything away that could potentially turn into a dollar and save you the day.

Take adventure of  our second-hand marketplace to better yourself, to grow and thrive.

You have baking skills and people love your cooking? why not turn that into a business without a loan from the bank with high interest made to kill your dream business before it even takes off. Open your store with us and bake and cook away to a better and financially independent future.

You love gardening? way to go, put your passion to work, plant vegetables in your backyard and sell them with us beat the prices of the supermarkets and gain customers, grow your bank account right from your backyard. No strict times to meet, lunch when you want, visit a friend anytime you want, take a day off from the garden when you want.There is no one to fire you no one to tell you what do to.

You love fresh flowers but they are expensive you can feed your family with the price of one bouquet of flowers. Take advantage of the opportunity we have here for you and grow your own flowers, sell them to your friends with a price that beats the florist and the dairies and be a florist from the comfort of your own home and garden. Get buyers who love flowers to buy from your store that you set up here with us, grow your customers data base and be a successful florist right from the comfort of your garden.

Remember,it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can sell to your locals with us. Set up your store absolutely free and let your locals knows about it, spread the news around,support your communities by selling and buying from each other, save the planet and landfills while you grow your wealth.

Share your listing on social media we will also help you with spreading the news about your listings. We have social media accounts to share every listing once it goes live, done all by us.

No listing fees, we only take a very small commission of 3.5 % of complete sales (the cheapest marketplace you will ever come across ) to keep this place going for you, no sale no pay and no end date for your listings.

We love creative people who can bring their imagination to life and can turn “trash into cash”

If you love shopping op-shops, while now we bring it to your living room, no need to leave your home you can now browse and shop from your computer. You can’t find what you want? just drop us a message and we will add your wanted item to our wanted listings it’s as simple as making a cup of tea.

Come on now and join us we are waiting for you to join the force we would be delighted to see you thrive and we are looking forward to hearing some success stories on this platform.

Save money, make money save the environment and landfills when you buy and sell with us. Get rid of the rubbish around your home and make it look nice and clean with a garden that will flower you money when you sell them with us.

We are passionate about people. We are on a mission to help people who are struggling to discover the good and the strength buried inside them by unfair injustice system. we want to encourage people to become self-sufficient and creative to lift their spirits and to once again live with faith in themselves they too can make it in this world except they can make it clean,legal and fair with their own sweat and not someone else’s sweat.

It’s for this reason we want to make this place as cheap as possible for all members. We will be looking at other ways to make this place cheaper and come up with a reward system that is fair and beneficial for all members.

We have no plans to make this place complicated and expensive to run our aim is to keep it simple and cheap for our members, however if you think a feature will help make things easy, let us know, we will have a look and see if we can add it without affecting the fees.

If a suggested feature means an increase in the fees then, a members vote will decide the next step.

This platform is a community so feel free to send us your opinion and your ideas if you have any good ideas that can help all members to success.