Our Fees

  • Join Fee Free
  • Store setup Fee Free 
  • Stores desiring to list their contact informations to make sales outside the website can pay a fee of $29.99 a month with no success fees. Month starts from the date of first sale not from the date of payment. e.g –  If you pay for your plan on the 21 of March you will not get bill on the 21 of  April. Then on May 5th you made a sale, your first sale since you pay for your plan , your monthly fee plan  is now activated on this date which means your next payment for your plan if you want to continue on this plan will be on the 5th of June. 

Feature Fee:

  • General items:  .10 cents 
  • Cars:                      $1.99

Listing Fees:

  • Clothing  free 
  • Shoes Free
  • Antiques Free
  • Vintage Free
  • Collectibles Free
  • Food Free
  • Bakery Free
  • Flowers Free
  • vegetables Free
  • All general items  Free


  • $2.99   for cars $1,000 and under 
  • $4.99    for cars $2000 to $4000
  • $7.99   for car $4001 to 6000
  • $9.99    for cars $6001 and up

All car listings are for 1 month you can relist your car if you wish but once the one month is up your car will no longer appear on the site for sale. you will have to relist the car with the listing fee.


Looking for a job

  • $1 monthly

Looking for employees

  • $1.99 monthly