Protect yourself

In accordance with New Zealand consumer act all traders must make clear their status on their profiles.

As this is a second hand, pre-owned, pre-loved, used [whatever term you use] marketplace.  It is therefore easy to identify who is a trader and who is not a trader.

If you are selling things you bought for you own personal use or family  use and now you do not need them anymore or your children had outgrown their shoes and clothes and now you are selling them you are “not a trader”

If you are buying things for the sole purpose and intention of reselling for profit you are identified as “a trader” and therefore you are bound to consumer rights and conditions.

So please if you are a trader make sure you clearly mention this on your profile, to avoid getting in trouble with the law and follow conditions provided by consumer law.

Our products safety / condition will also help you with your business. We have put together some conditions and guidelines, what you can sell and can not sell  to make it easy for traders to determine what they can or can not sell to help protect themselves from prosecution. Please check this out here