Secondhand Marketplace worldwide

It’s been a year now since we launch our special secondhand marketplace site and it’s aiming at all buyers and sellers from around the world.

We were born out of passion and a vision for a better planet and to better human lives.

How? you may ask

Everyday our planet is crying out for help as we dump things we don’t need in landfills without thinking about the consequences of our actions. Our future generations we think we adore and wish they live in a healthy environment after us are actually been put in danger by our very actions.

We thought to make it easy for all of us to come together under one roof to show how much we love this planet by selling off our unwanted treasure to those who are in need of cheaper items for their home and families.

This project benefits both sellers and buyers. Sellers get to make some cash that can help with everyday needs to lighten the burden and stress on their wallets and on the planet it is a perfect way for those unemployed to earn and to help save our planet.

Buyer gets the benefit of spending less, saving them money for children education or help with the bills and rent or even pay for a family day out, there are so many benefits to buying pre owned things.

Buyers who love DIY can find items they need for their projects bringing their cost down while still get the result they want from their work.