Only vintage, antiques and designer items can be consigned

We offer consigment service to sell your item on your behalf and once item is sold you will send the item directly to the buyer.

You provide us with clear photos of your item,  information and your price, we will then price the item to include our commission or according to our valuation we will then convert the price to eopshops default currency which is NZD

  1. It’s free to list an item using this service
  2. Anyone from anywhere in the world can use this service.
  3. Only antiques, vintage and designer brand clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry can be consign.
  4. You must provide the following……
  • Name of designer
  • Very clear photos of your item
  • photos of any damage or defect on the item
  • photos of any markings
  • Photos of signatures if present
  • History of the item if known
  • Period item was made if known
  • Country of origin if known
  • Materials
  • Gem Stones names and cts if known
  • Sizes of item
  • Any History that can help buyer with their buying decisions


If you are selling the item else where it is your responsibility to let us know as soon as the item is no longer available so we can withdraw the item from the site.

Items must be send  to buyer as soon as Possible, make sure to wrap the item properly and do all you can to protect the item from breakage while shipping.

your money will be deposited in your bank account minus transaction fees as soon as customer received the item and is satisfied the item is as described.

All wrapping and packaging cost must be included in the shipping cost.

We have the right to turn down any listing if we feel the item does not fit in our vintage, designer and antique criteria.