The Perfect Idea

This is a great fantastic idea a  new opportunity for second-hand dealers  to expand nationally and internationally.

Buyers who love to shop secondhand treasures either to resell or to enjoy it and have fun, or to appreciate it’s affordability will also find this marketplace a true Aladdin’s cave you will enjoy throughout the year. All the possibilities of finding that special piece from numerous sources that was once far out of reach is now available to you just a click away on your keyboard. 

Our second-hand market place is dedicated to providing a place for all second-hand dealers to sell their goods under one roof, an online mall for second-hand stores from around the country.

This idea was born after not being able to travel to far away second-hand stores to browse.

As a second-hand shop lover it was hard to travel outside other places all the time to find an exciting piece. I wished for an online mall made only for second-hand shops so from all over New Zealand around the country and that is how we came to light.

We are also open to individual sells. If your home or garage is loaded with unwanted stuff this is your chance to create your very own business store online work from your home on your own terms and time. You don’t need to spend money on stock you already have stock around your home to start your business with.

This is a great opportunity for your shop to get noticed by buyers. It is an opportunity to find more sales by expanding to other parts of the country and to international buyers if you ship outside New Zealand.

It is a great opportunity to own an online store for your business without the extra cost of running your own online store.

3% success fee is a great price to own your own online store for your business compare to the cost of domain and hosting plus expensive IT engineers to set up the store for your business, plus the bonus of getting expose to more potential buyers.

Your business will go from having only local buyers to increasing your local sales and top it up with national sales.

We are New Zealand only online marketplace for secondhand dealers and for everything secondhand with actual online stores dedicated to each dealer and his secondhand business.

We are strictly a Second Hand marketplace, selling of new products are not allowed on our marketplace this gives secondhand dealers an even greater chances of gaining more buyers, there will be no distraction by traders of brand new products.

Buyers will come to the second-hand marketplace knowing they will only find secondhand goods and when they search for something they are sure the result of their search will be secondhand and not brand new.

We offer free store with no set up fees.
You can put a logo and a banner on your store for free.
No listing fees.
And a little 3% success fees to run the site.

We also have an option for those who wish not to pay success fees in order to have the freedom to struck deals outside the website.
This option is $49.99 monthly due at the end of every month. [Month starts from your first sale of the month]

We are open to all dealers and buyers ideas on how to improve and how to create success for both sides.

While we are still in our infant stage our traffic has started to pick up quickly with the help of our SEO specialist team we have over 165,000 visits and over 6,00 visitors from the time we went online which was November 2016 to 21 Feb 2017 which is publishing date of this post. 

We have the traffic and the potential awaiting dealers and sellers to scope up sales

Join our family, make use of our traffic, expand and make more sales.

We have also set up a Facebook page with a feature where your listings go live on the page the instance your listing goes live on the site
All followers of the page will get notified immediately of new listings, the same goes for our twitter account and google plus account and blog.

You can also set up your own page for your store on Facebook, there is a feature on listing where you can add your own page, so your listing will show both on your page and the website page.

We are also keen to see buyers making their love for secondhand shopping made easy and enjoyable. For some, secondhand shopping is a hobby, this marketplace will make all buyers  able to enjoy their hobby and love of secondhand shopping right from the comfort of  their beds with a cup of coffee even in rainy cold days.

Join us now and let’s start selling and buying second-hand treasures.