Where to sell second hand stuff online

eopshops.nz is the first ever online site of its kind, aiming at all sellers and buyers from around the world to sell and buy used, pre-owned, second-hand stuff. eopshops.nz does not allow anything new on the site with the exceptions of gifts not been used and all things bought new but not used, but sells must mention why the item they are selling is brand new. This is a very strict rule on the site and there are no negotiations when it comes to no importers of brand new items allowed.

The site aims at selling only second-hand, pre-owned, used item with regulations on electrical items and some items considered unsafe to sell due to danger and health issues eg. underwear. There are also rules on what is acceptable to sell and what is unacceptable to sell eg. stained, marks, rips and very faded material items etc are not allowed, items with lint must mentioned and must give an idea on the description on how much lint is on the item

The site has a buyer and sellers protection program.

It also have a sellers reward program like no other, where sellers get paid an amount which is the equivalent of 5% of all their sales into their accounts on their financial year.

It encourages sellers to sell to their locals and buyers to buy from their local sellers. It has the potentials for unemployed communities to make their own business run from home with no cost of renting a store, and it also provides an opportunity for everyone else to earn money from their unwanted stuff.